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Bust Your Fears

This mini course is for the busy working woman who's juggling it all. Get the shortcut to resolving the problems, conflicts, and issues you face today to make smarter decisions faster.

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What You'll Get:

  • 1
    Welcome Rebel Diva - Audio
    • Welcome!
    • The Bust Your Fears e-Book
    • How Brave Are You? Take the Quiz.
  • 2
    Five Aspects of Fear - Audio Download
    • Audio Lesson: Five Aspects of Fear
  • 3
    Four Plus One Mindset Shifts - Audio Download
    • Audio Lesson: Four Plus One Mindset Shifts
  • 4
    Fear Busting Tools - Audio Downloads
    • Introduction to the Fear Busting Tools
    • The Fear Matrix
    • The Fear Buster
    • The Lemonade Maker
  • 5
    Extra Fear Busting Content
    • Join the Rebel Diva Tribe
    • How to Get Unstuck - Infographic
    • Five Weeks to Upgrade Your Life