The Rebel Diva Universe

The Rebel Diva Academy is for the busy working woman who’s been juggling it all and has come to a crossroads in life. You are feeling stuck. And you may find yourself asking; is this all there is to life? 

If this is you, this program will take you by the hand and teach you how to find your purpose, discover your passions, bust your fears, and create a masterplan for the career and life you desire.

In this program, you will uncover your innate talents and break free of the limitations holding you back to redesign your future

By the time you finish any of the Rebel Diva workbooks or courses, you will have in your hands a practical plan you can follow step by step to get results.

You will embark on an adventure of transformation starting from day one. And throughout your journey, I will be with you, cheering you on.

Join a community of gutsy women like yourself who wish to stand in their own power and follow their own path.

Be a Rebel Diva.

Rebel Diva books, online program and workshops

This is personal development for the sassy, spunky woman who yearns to follow her own path.

  • Book One: Your Rebel Dreams

    How to discover your purpose and power up your life.

    The first book, Your Rebel Dreams, shares an easy-to-follow process to help you discover your fundamental purpose and passions in life, and identify your innate talents you can harness to make a living doing what you love to do.

  • Book Two: Your Rebel Plans

    How to create a masterplan for your life’s big dreams.

    The second book, Your Rebel Plans, offers a step-by-step, structured system on how to create a master plan for your career success, including how to set smart goals that will get you to your life dreams. This master plan is all about getting you from where you are today to where you want to be in life.

  • Book Three: Your Rebel Life

    How to transform the ten most important pillars of your life.

    The third book, Your Rebel Life, provides easy habit hacks for the ten most important pillars of your life. These habits are designed to get your life in order, from your finances to your career to your relationships, and more.

The Rebel Diva Journey

All the answers are in you. All these workbooks do is extract them one gentle question at a time so you can take the first steps toward your dreams.

But if you’re not interested in hearing hard truths, asking introspective questions, or taking action on your ideas, these books aren’t for you. If you’re looking for a quick fix, these also aren’t for you.

As Socrates himself said, an unexamined life is not worth living. Taking the time to find your life’s purpose and passions takes time and it is time well spent.

So, don’t waste another precious minute. Quit showing up as a second-rate version of yourself and stop hiding your light. Become the heroine of your own life!

Be a Rebel Diva

It’s time to own your life and become the heroine of your story

What Rebel Divas are Saying

  • “One of the most motivational and thought-provoking books I have ever read.”
  • “Every woman’s must read. I really enjoyed the workbook and will continue with my journey!”
  • “Thank you for this amazing chance to participate in such a fantastic program. The tips and tools you shared will really help me take the leap.”
  • “The author is teacher and cheerleader. She gives solid guidelines to help you figure out your goals and action plans, and she truly comes across as someone who cares.”
  • “This isn’t just another self-help book–instead, this incredibly useful book includes a clear method and helpful exercises to help you uncover your dreams, passions and purpose.”
  • “Proudly considering myself a Rebel Diva after taking this journey to self discovery!”

Change Yourself & Change the World

The lessons in the Rebel Diva universe come from two decades of experience across four continents and more than a hundred thousand dollars of formal and informal education. These are the lessons I learned from starting off as an immigrant girl who cleaned toilets to pay for university to managing multi-million dollar national projects and becoming an award-winning author. 

During my journeys, I saw that when women succeed, their family and community grow and improve as well. So, my goal with these books is to create a global tribe of smart and gutsy women who will uplift their own lives so they may uplift the world.

When we become more self-aware, we gain more clarity to what’s going on around us. We get crystal clear on what we accept and what we will not tolerate in our lives or in the world. Our vision expands and our compassion grows.

When we take care of ourselves we find pride within us. When we stand in our own power, we rise into positions where we gain respect and credibility.

When we lift ourselves up, we lift the world.

Your Guide

Learn from Tikiri Herath, an award-winning author, who used the tips and techniques in this program, to go from being a scared and lost immigrant teen with $20 in her pocket, one month away from homelessness, to managing multi-million-dollar projects and traveling the world. Tikiri holds a bachelor’s degree in international business from North America and a master’s degree in management from Europe. She has over fifteen years of experience managing national projects and corporate risk management programs and has studied, worked and lived in several countries across four continents. Tikiri is the award-winning author of several fiction and nonfiction books and through her writing, champions women’s and girl’s rights around the world.
Your Guide