Get 3 easy, practical tools to overcome your fears and go for your dreams.

Bust Your Fears - The Classic Program

This course is for the busy working woman who's juggling it all. Do your stresses and anxieties hold you back from your career and life goals? Do you want to harness your fears and create the life you enjoy? Learn how to resolve the problems, conflicts, and issues you face today to make smarter decisions faster, so you can live the life you dream about.

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Are you ready to live a fearless life?

Find the job you love. Start the business you dream about. Write that book you’ve always wanted to. Go on that trip you've yearned for. Don't let fear hold you back from chasing your dreams. Life's too short not to.

Are you ready to live a fearless life?

Turn your life around

Do you drag yourself from one mundane day to another? Do you work just to pay the bills? Do you yearn to upgrade your life but are too scared to even think about change?

I’ve been there. And worse.

At nineteen, I found myself on the streets in a new country, close to homeless, leaving a troubled childhood behind. My only possessions were twenty dollars in my pocket and a small suitcase filled with books and a few change in clothes. So, I did the only thing I could - find whatever menial job so I could rent a basement room.

I kept my head down and worked hard but I was frightened, chronically anxious, unsure of what the next day would bring. I’d have won a gold medal if the Olympics had paralyzing fear on their sports roster.

It took years of learning how to curb my negative self-talk, stop playing small and push out of my self-sabotaging rut of fear. This was what took me from being a lone immigrant girl to earning a six-figure income managing multi-million-dollar corporate programs. This was what propelled me to leave that job to become an award-winning author and travel the world.

If I can bust my fears to turn my life around, anyone can. 

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What impact does fear have on you?

  • Holds you back from progress because you didn’t stand up for what you believed, too worried about what others would think or say.
  • You get taken advantage of because you're too reticent to speak up about someone or something that's not in your best interest.
  • Makes problems fester and grow because you avoided a conflict, too afraid to tell the truth.
  • You stay stuck in an unhappy job or an unhealthy relationship or friendship because you’re too scared of change.
  • You get burnt because you’re analyzing things to the nth degree and not making decisions fast enough.
  • You lose sleep from feeling anxious, too worried about taking the wrong step or making the wrong move. 
  • You waste precious time, energy and tears, ruminating on should have’s or would have’s or could have's.
  • You don't get the dream job, the desired promotion, that date or any other goal you had wished for but had been too afraid to go after.

How would you like to:

  • Feel calm and in control in challenging situations

  • Manage your worries and anxieties and get better sleep

  • Stop wasting time or tears on insignificant issues and "little people"

  • Focus on the most important things and get things done fast

  • Build stronger relationships at work and home

  • Enhance your self-esteem and self-confidence

  • Reduce the regrets you will have in your life

  • Get so bold so you chase after your dreams in life!

What you will learn in The Classic Program

Seven days to standing in your own power.

  • 1
    Welcome Rebel Diva
  • 2
    DAY 1 - Course Introduction & Plan
    • Introduction & Plan - MAIN VIDEO LESSON
    • Exercise Handout - My Plan
    • My Goals Today
    • Share your goals with the Fear Busting Divas
    • Slides Download - Course Introduction
    • Audio Download - Course Introduction
  • 3
    DAY 2 - The Fear Matrix Tool Explained
    • Fear Matrix - MAIN VIDEO LESSON
    • Exercise Handout - My List
    • Exercise Handout - The Fear Matrix
    • My Reflections
    • Share your A-Ha's with the Fear Busting Tribe
    • Slides Download - The Fear Matrix
    • Audio Download - Fear Matrix
  • 4
    DAY 3 - Five Aspects of Fear
    • Aspects of Fear - MAIN VIDEO LESSON
    • Exercise Handout - Harnessing Fear
    • My Reflections
    • Share your A-Ha's with the Fear Busting Tribe
    • Slides Download - Elements of Fear
    • Audio Download - Elements of Fear
  • 5
    DAY 4 - The Fear Buster Tool Explained
    • Fear Buster - MAIN VIDEO LESSON
    • Exercise Handout - Fear Buster
    • My Reflections
    • Share your A-Ha's with the Fear Busting Tribe
    • Slides Download - Fear Buster
    • Audio Download - Fear Buster
  • 6
    DAY 5 - Four Mindset Shifts
    • Mindset Shifts - MAIN VIDEO LESSON
    • Exercise Handout - My Mindset Shift
    • My Reflections
    • Share your A-Ha's with the Fear Busting Tribe
    • Slides Download - Mindset Shifts
    • Audio Download - Mindset Shifts
  • 7
    DAY 6 - The Lemonade Maker Tool Explained
    • Lemonade Maker - MAIN VIDEO LESSON
    • Exercise Handout - Lemonade Maker
    • My Reflections
    • Share your A-Ha's with the Fear Busting Tribe
    • Slides Download - Lemonade Maker
    • Audio Download - Lemonade Maker
  • 8
    DAY 7 - Bonus - Seven Fear Busting Hacks
    • BONUS - Fear Busting Hacks - MAIN VIDEO LESSON
    • BONUS - Rebel Diva Career Change Questionnaire
    • BONUS - Four Point Action Plan for Job Hunting
    • Exercise Handout - Fear Actions
    • My Reflections
    • Share your A-Ha's with the Fear Busting Tribe
    • Slides Download - Fear Busting Hacks
    • Audio Download - Fear Busting Hacks
  • 9
    Finale & Next Steps
    • Finale & Next Steps - MAIN VIDEO LESSON
    • So, what do you think?
    • Keep in touch
    • Slides Download - Finale & Next Steps
    • Audio Download - Finale & Next Steps

$3,973.99 of Bonus Material

  • Live 60-minute Q&A sessions with author in private Facebook Group

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  • Support community in the Rebel Diva Facebook Group


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  • Exclusive Fear Busting techniques not in book


    Seven Fear Busting Life Hacks
    Career Change Questionnaire
    Four Point Action Plan for Job Hunting
    Exercise handouts for each module

  • Audio downloads of course content so you can listen while you’re on the go.

    $199 value

You'll also get:

Lifetime access to course

Lifetime updates of course

A Rebel Diva completion certificate

30 day money back guarantee

This offer is risk free. You will have 100% money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied within 30 days of enrolling in the program.


  • How much time will I need?

    There are six main lessons plus the introductory session in this program. Each will take 30 minutes of your time. This is an interactive course, so each module has questions and a 10-minute exercise at the end for you to apply what you learned on a real-time problem or goal you face today. Schedule 45 minutes per module in your calendar for seven days. For best results, give yourself a one-day break in between each lesson. This way, you allow the ideas and concepts percolate in your brain and get the chance to apply the tools.

  • What are my course options?

    There are three tiers in the Bust Your Fears Program, so you can choose the level that fits your needs the most. The Basic Course shares the audio lessons only. The Classic Course is the complete program and includes all tools and lessons in detail with bonus content not in the book. The audio files, slides and exercises are all downloadable, plus you get to join a support community with other Rebel Divas. The Premium Program includes everything the Classic Program offers plus a monthly mastermind program.

  • How much will it cost?

    The portfolio section below shares details on each of the three tiers with the current prices. Enrollment is limited to ensure we can provide a more personable service to everyone.

  • How do these tools work?

    Large organizations use complex risk management models to tackle difficult decisions and make multimillion-dollar profits. The tools in this course are based on these industry best practices but have been simplified and personalized to meet your everyday needs. These tools can help you whether you want to speak to your boss about a raise or find the courage to change your career. This is smart risk management for the rest of us.

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  • Basic

    Downloadable audio lessons:
    • The Five Aspects of Fear - so you will stop fearing fear.
    • The Four Mindset Shifts - so you can overcome fear and use it to your advantage.

  • Classic

    • Downloadable course slides with video instruction.
    • Detailed guidance on using and applying the fear busting tools.
    • Downloadable audio lessons so you can listen while you’re on the go.
    • Step-by-step exercises for each module with handouts for downloading and printing.
    • BONUS - Rebel Diva Career Change Questionnaire
    • BONUS - Four Point Action Plan for Job Hunting
    • Private support community in Fear Busting Divas Facebook Group.
    • Regular live 60-minute Q&A sessions with author in Facebook community.
    • Lifetime access to course.
    • Lifetime updates of course.

  • Premium

    • All the features of the Classic Program.
    • Annual access to the mastermind.
    • Monthly 90-minute mastermind online sessions facilitated by author – 12 students maximum.
    • Private support group in Premium Facebook Group.
    • Copies of the complete Rebel Diva workbook series:
    Your Rebel Dreams
    Your Rebel Plans
    Your Rebel Life
    • Discounts on other Rebel Diva courses.